Hemp, the newest superfood that’s not so new!

Hemp, the newest superfood that’s not so new!

Every couple of years or so there’s a new superfood on the block– turmeric, moringa, pumpkin seeds, we could go on. And while Western health gurus and social media influencers jump on the bandwagon expounding on the many benefits of golden lattes (that’s turmeric milk to you and me) and adding watermelon and pumpkin seeds to your morning oats, for centuries many Indians have been consuming these products as part of their daily diet.
This brings us to hemp, the sober cousin of marijuana.

The plant is the superfood of all superfoods. It’s only in recent years that urban Indians have become more aware of the multiple nutritional benefits of hemp.

The vitamins and minerals in hemp seeds can protect your heart, brain and aid digestion. It helps in weight management. The seeds can even be used to make a form of milk. And the oil from hemp seeds can be applied topically or even ingested.

This is not new information. This herbal plant has been growing in the Himalayas since ancient times, and the locals have been reaping its many health benefits.

On a side note, did you know that this plant is fully sustainable and eco-friendly? Every part can be used and it even finds a place in textiles, bio-fuel and construction.

Back to hemp and India. The Himalaya region is where this wonder plant originated, so we can trace a long history with it.

For more than 3000 years it has been used in Ayurveda for its medicinal properties. The fiber was traditionally used to weave cloth as well.

Hemp has been mentioned in the Vedas as a sacred plant. So, what changed? How did we forget our deep connection to this super plant?

During Colonial rule, cannabis was classified as a psychotic drug and hemp belongs to the same family. Rules were brought into place regulating its growth and banning its use. The laws stuck around for decades, long after British rule ended.

However, there has been a resurgence of sorts now. Hemp with low THC concentration, which means it does not get you high, nor is it addictive, is being hailed again for its wide benefits.
In the field of medicinefoodhealth and beauty. Not to mention even textiles, hemp products are being sought after. Brands and companies specializing in hemp products are popping up even in the homeland.

For now, all the raw hemp that is being used here is imported. But the next important step in this journey is educating and changing the narrative around hemp, while conducting further research into this wonder plant and its properties.

This is something we firmly believe in and have been working at. Moreover, it is time to involve the farmers of the Uttarakhand region, who have a history with this plant but have not been able to earn a living from it due to long-standing regulations. Parvati Valley Hemp Company is committed towards helping them grow and process hemp in a responsible manner, thereby providing them with a good livelihood. It’s time to bring hemp back where it belongs.

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