Hemp plants growing in a greenhouse collectively

Company that Makes Quality Hemp Products

Hemp is one the most versatile plants that can be used to provide nutrition, make clothing, and even build stuff. 

We are a group of local farmers, scientists, agrotechnitions, innovators,dreamers. We are combining our century old knowledge with global hemp processing/production standards.

Parvati Valley farmer trimming the hemp crops while cultivating
Responsible Business

We are farmers first

Farmers have a long-standing cultural relationship with Hemp. They have used the seed, oil and fibre of the hemp plant for generations.The regulations of the last 35 years have had an unfair impact on the farmers. With Parvati Valley Hemp Company, our intention is to set this right. We’re committed to helping farmers get back what is rightful livelihoods by responsibly growing and processing hemp.

Vertically Integrated Supply Chain

We Care for Quality

Most of the hemp-based products available in the market today are made from seeds without quality analysis/control sourced from unclear sources. You can't trace their origin, and they are inconsistent in quality and purity.

But not with our Hemp. Since ours is a vertically integrated process; we source the seed, grow it on our farms and process it in our manufacturing units. We ensure the highest quality every step of the way.This means better prices, more transparency, and higher quality products for You.

Hemp oil and seeds are displayed next to each other in a bowl and spoon respectively
Hemp oil being applied on wrist with a dropper
Tested & Validated by Experts

Run by science

Scientists love HEMP because they have discovered 25000 uses for the plants and counting. Our close ties to the scientific community enable/give access to the best R&D infrastructure and the latest strides to keep perfecting our hemp. 

The product formulations are perfected and products tested for quality at accredited labs before they are ready to be shipped to your home.