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The Great Pahadi Hemp Seed Oil

One Oil for all Your Needs

Cold Pressed| FSSAI Approved| Multi-purpose

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The Great Pahadi Hemp Oil
The Great Pahadi Hemp Oil

100% Himalayan Hemp

Hemp: Superfood for your Gut, Skin & Hair.

Because Health Is Holistic

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Parvati Valley Hemp Products
Parvati Valley Hemp Products

Ethically grown, locally sourced

Bringing you the best quality Hemp

Directly from our farmers

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Parvati Valley, The Great Himalayas
Parvati Valley Hemp Seed Oil

The Great Pahadi Hemp Oil

The Pahadi Hemp Seed Oil is a stunningly versatile oil enriched with essential omega fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals. It's extracted using the cold-press method from the hemp seeds grown in our Himalayan farms.

Add it to your food, apply as a moisturiser or just take a spoonful everyday. 

The benefits are immense!
• Anti inflammatory
• Boosts digestive health
• Nourishes hair & Skin

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Grown and processed in the Himalayas, our products come to you through a clean, kind and transparent supply chain.

Why Choose us

We’re the only company in India which makes products from Hemp grown locally in India. Our hemp is 100% organic, ethically grown, and NOT IMPORTED!

Traceable to seed

Traceable to seed

We grow our own hemp, and all product can be traced right to the farm it was grown in 

By the farmer, for the farmers

By the farmer, for the farmers

Farmers are core to our business and our profits go directly to them. 

Backed By Science

Backed By Science

Our products are supported by the latest research, guided by  top scientists, and are certified. 


100% Legal, No THC

We grow hemp legally in Uttrakhand. All product have less than.03% THC and zero psychoactive components. 


An Unjust law. A desire to change. A determination to Impact

As many a stories go, this one too started with a cathartic experience. Our founders, city bred- millennials spent too  many summers hiking through the gorgeous valleys and trenches of the Himalayas. And in these journey began their tryst with hemp. Hemp’s story both fascinated and infuriated them. Fascinated with it’s incredible uses and livid that its cultivation was banned due to archaic laws and misinformation. 

Fuelled with their degrees in the agro sciences, Raghavendra and Uday took this insight to the UK- and studied the science that lead them to the answer that was always starting right at them. Hemp can solve, hemp can heal, hemp can reverse - hemp is the answer.

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