The Wonders of Hemp Seed Oil

The wonders of Hemp Seed Oil
Are you adding hemp hearts to your morning muesli?

Do you munch on a hemp-based protein bar post-workout?

Have you spread a hemp rug on the floor of your home?

Hemp is everywhere and is having its moment. And for all the right reasons! It is sustainable, it is good for your health, it is natural.. we could go on! However, we would be remiss if we didn’t highlight a wonder product derived from hemp– oil from the seeds.
Hemp seed oil has a host of benefits, internally and externally, for you. Read on to find out more.
    1. When ingested, hemp seed oil pretty much boosts the health of every part of your body. Catching colds and coughs often?You definitely need to add this oil to your diet. The essential fatty acids found in it are known to strengthen the immune system, and work as a great supplement for your body’s wellness.

    2. Hemp seed oil has high levels of omega-6 and omega-3, which reduces cholesterol levels in the blood and helps prevent heart diseases. It also has Gamma-linoleic acid, which is known to drastically reduce inflammation in the body.

    3. Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) also balances your hormones and offers relief from PMS symptoms, like cramps, and menopause side effects, such as hot flashes and depression. GLA is also said to help control sugar cravings. Yes, you read (that) right. So, the next time your period is round the corner, reach for some hemp seed oil rather than a slice of chocolate cake

    4. Sprained your ankle or have an itchy rash?Hemp seed oil can relieve pain when ingested or applied on an injury. As it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it is an amazing supplement to tackle painful infections and autoimmune disorders as well.

    5. Want strong and shiny nails and hair, then add hemp seed oil to your beauty regime. Massage it into your hands and feet, with focus on the nails. The essential fatty acids in the oil strengthens nails and softens your skin. When rubbed into your hair, it adds shine and improves hair growth. It is particularly useful if you suffer from dandruff or any scalp condition. Apply it topically to find relief and improvement.

    6. Pollution, the harsh sun, sitting in air conditioning at work, all wreak havoc on your skin. Hemp seed oil is excellent at protecting your skin and reversing any damage. It moisturizes, without clogging your pores, and keeps your skin supple and healthy. Even if you have oily skin go ahead and apply it on your face, it actually regulates the oil production. If you have dry skin or combination skin, slather it and see wrinkles reduce, collagen production improve, and your skin looking young and fresh.

And last, but not the least, you can even use hemp seed oil on your fur babies. It improves your dog or cat’s fur and coat, and can be used to treat skin ailments and relieve arthritic pain.

We weren't exaggerating when we said that hemp seed oil is practically a universal remedy and has plenty of health benefits. But, it is very important to know where your hemp seed oil comes from. In this way, you can make sure quality seeds are used and the oil is extracted in the right manner.

For our Great Pahadi Hemp Seed Oil, we source the seeds from farms in India where we are able to keep an eye on quality. We also use the cold-pressed process to make the oil.

A traditional stone-wooden mill (called Kachi Ghani or Kal Chekku) is used to extract the oil. This is a completely natural process without the use of heat or chemicals, so the plant’s properties remain unchanged.

The hemp seed oil, thus produced, is filled with amazing stuff and has a beautiful nutty flavour.

So, drizzle it on salads and use it in place of olive oil. The very same oil can also be applied on your skin and hair, to help you glow from inside out.

Ready to give it a try? Click here to check it out.

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